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Bioteknik is all about helping the environment by keeping unwanted redundant equipment out of land fill but this is not enough for us we also help a number of charities in the process.

We are committed to helping others in need and we need your help


We support a number of charities and helping others not only helps us feel good but can make a real difference to others in the time of need. Everyone now more then ever needs a computer even for the most basic tasks. People with no income or very little are finding it more and more difficult to not have access to a computer. Not only do we help charities, but by us being able to refurbish unwanted IT equipment we are able to offer a computer for everyone.

This year we are Proud to support Mental Health Awareness
We help a number of charities and list is growing. Charities we support are:
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Pilgrims Hospital
  • Dogs trust

Bioteknik is always looking to help charities where possible and as of 2018 for every 5 computers we refurbish though our recycling process we will be giving 1 away to charity in the hope to help others. We will be also increasing a charities list over the next 2 years. We always offer free IT disposal and data destructing to charities.

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