Secure, Environmentally Conscious Computer Recycling In London And The South East

Professional IT Disposal service for SME Businesses, Education, Government and Multi-National Companies.

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Bioteknik IT Recycling offers a professional IT recycling service to SME businesses, education, government and multi-national companies. Based in Kent, we provide disposal services to clients in London, the South East and across the UK. We recycle virtually everything that we collect and do not believe in contributing to landfill. We work with local specialists to properly and legally dispose of your old CRT and LCD monitors, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and printed circuit boards.

Our IT disposal process

Electronic waste is made up of PCBs and several different cables that require proper demolishing by official recyclers so that they can be reused again. Our PCB recycling process is carefully and smoothly carried out by our experts in order to ensure that the process recovers precious and scarce metals. Additionally, recycling PCBs reduces solid waste and land pollution.

We also offer data destruction services to ensure that when recycling old or redundant IT equipment, the personal data of you, your business or your clients is safely destroyed in full compliance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Act). According to the ICO, the number of reported data breaches has increased by 15% since the introduction of GDPR and improper data erasure could have result in high fines for your business.

We are dedicated to providing a secure IT disposal service that makes your data completely irretrievable before the equipment is responsibly recycled or disposed of.

Why Bioteknik?


From The Moment You Organise A Collection With Us, We Take Care Of The Entire Process For You, Including:

  • Professional help with inventory and asset management
  • Total transfer of title, your old equipment becomes our legal responsibility
  • Prompt collection of by our fully insured and highly experienced staff
  • Waste collation and bar-coding to produce an accurate inventory of what we remove
  • Secure van transfer of your items to a 24hr monitored warehousing
  • Hard Disks are security wiped to 3 levels then physically shredded
  • All hardware is 98% recycled & reused – we guarantee nothing goes into landfill
  • A full inventory and waste destruction certificate sent to you
We truly believe that we are one of the most reliable it disposal companies in the industry and our wide range of regular clients are a testament to this. We are trusted by schools, local councils, the NHS and even the MOD to undertake secure data destruction and quickly, professionally and responsibly recycle surplus IT assets.

Items we can recycle for you:

  • Computer Towers / PCs
  • Desktop Computers / Base Units
  • Laptops, Netbooks
  • Flat-Screen TFT, LED, LCD
  • CRT Monitors
  • Hard Drives
  • Rack & Desktop Servers
  • Network Switches
  • Laser Printers, Inkjet Printers
  • Plotters, Scanners
  • UPS, rack or standalone
  • Telecommunications Equipment
  • Server Racking
  • Associated Computer Cabling
  • Telephones
  • Misc Electrical Items
  • Radio, Audio Equipment
We also collect a wide range of industrial, scientific and manufacturing equipment. For more details, contact us or get a personalised quotation. Unfortunately we do not collect Copiers.
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